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Welcome to the convienience of The WoW Market!
Why The Wow Market??
Better food quality to your employees
No loss of money or refund hassles
Convenient and easy to use
Virtually no service calls
Completely customizable
Better than vending
Convenient and Easy to Use
Better than Vending
You can now offer your employees their own convenience store in your place of business!
Picture walking into your break room and having the freedom to browse through hundreds of selections before selecting your item and purchasing it at an easy to use, unmanned, self-checkout kiosk
The WoW Market offers a far more healthy, convenient and efficient solution to traditional vending.
Completely customizable?You can choose from hundreds of product options, including healthier nutritious choices. Each market is designed specifically for your workplace. Replacing your vending machines with the technology of The WoW Market eliminates the frustration of dealing with refunds, change, hung products or broken machines
Equipment & Technology
Advantages Over Vending
Equipment & Technology
Market Layouts
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